fundraiser-main-picAs community members watched the long-awaited development of the school site with anticipation, it was soon recognized that there would not be a comprehensive park site developed under the public-private partnership established by the Government of Alberta.  As no Community League or other not-for-profit organization existed for the area, many community members began to raise questions about how they could come together to begin to build a safe, welcoming place for our children to play and our community members to gather once the school was completed.

The Bessie Nichols School Fundraising Society was created to facilitate and raise money for the construction of a safe, fun, and long-lasting playground for the school, our children, and the neighbours to attend. As we grow, we will also provide other funds to support the education and extra-curricular activities offered at Bessie Nichols School.

The Bessie Nichols School Fundraising Society is planning to raise an estimated amount of $100,000 this year on Fund-raising campaigns.  It will cost our organization an estimate of $10,000 to raise this.  The money raised will be going to build a playground and will also support the education of the students at Bessie Nichols Schools by providing books, equipment or other educational aids.  For further information, please contact Michele Evans at 780-483-8680.  Our address is 189 Hemmingway Road, Edmonton AB T6M 2Z7 and we are incorporated in Edmonton Alberta.

Your donation to the campaign directly through this page or by supporting any one of our fundraising campaigns will allow us to reach our goal faster!




raised of a $750,000.00 goal

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What is the Fundraising Society?

Conceived around a kitchen table, the Hampton’s Public School Fundraising Committee was incorporated by a small group of dedicated parents under the Alberta Societies Act in November 2011.

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About the Park Development

The Bessie Nichols School Fundraising Society has initiated the creation of a committee to examine options for the development of our park area. Keep up to date on current news and information on the park development.

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Support the Current Fundraiser

Learn more about the current fundraisers that the Bessie Nichols School Fundraising Society is running and how you can help us meet the goal of a safe and fun playground for our children.

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Latest News, Fundraising and Events

QSP: Magazine Fundraiser

Our school is running the QSP – magazine fundraiser to help raise funds for our school. LOOKING FOR A GREAT GIFT IDEA?  GIVE A GIFT […]

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In-Dey-Go Cookie Dough

The BNSFS cookie dough fundraiser is back again by popular demand! This year we are offering cookie dough in the tubs, pre-portioned, and cinnamon buns! […]

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Temporary Fencing Issues at Bessie Nichols School

We have learned  that unfortunately the fences at Bessie Nichols School will remain for another year.  It is unlikely they will be coming down before […]

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